World's Largest Bowl of Chili Made in Jacksboro Saturday

    It took cooks eight hours to stir up the biggest pot of chili the world has even seen to break the Guinness Book of World Records' record for the largest bowl of chili.
    And they did that at the "Winter's Almost Over" chili cookoff in Jacksboro.
    Victor Sanchez, a Jacksboro volunteer firefighter, says, "It's kind of an idea that we had.  Somebody came up with it and we were like 'Hey, why don't we try to break a world record?' So we investigated it and said let's do it!"
    Jon Reese, the event's co-organizer, says, "We've already tasted it and it is good.  It's good eating chili."
    "It was a lot of organization getting around and getting all the ingredients together," Sanchez says.
    "We had some great sponsors that stood behind us and helped make this event happen," Reese says.
    Employees of Jack County Tank Trucks built a custom pot big enough to hold all the ingredients.
    And speaking of ingredients, there were a lot of them: 500 pounds of meat, 390 pounds of tomato sauce, 630 pounds of beans, and 70 pounds of spices.
    All were donated.
    "We're all about community and charity, and it just made perfect sense to get this chili to good use feeding those people who can't feed themselves," Reese says.
    They estimate the chili will feed about three-thousand people.
    Volunteers will deliver some to residents of an assisted living center in Jacksboro, but most of it will go to Faith Mission in Wichita Falls.
    Organizers say the bowl of chili weighed 1,525 pounds, breaking the current record by 100 pounds.
    Now all they have to do is submit their paperwork to the Guinness Book of World Records and then they'll be the official record holders.

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