Xeriscaping Growing in Popularity in Texoma

With no signs of the ongoing drought letting up and as every drop of water continues to count, some homeowners are turning to landscaping that doesn't require irrigation.

It is called xeriscaping.

Homeowners are able to have blooming flowers and lush, green plants without tapping into the dwindling water supply. 

Paul Dowlearn, owner of Wichita Valley Nursery, says xeriscaping is growing in popularity.

"We have seen a steady increase in people that are interested in going this direction," Dowlearn says. "I hate to say this but the drought has helped my business due to raising public awareness."

Dowlearn has sold native plants that require little to no water from irrigation for over 20 years, and he says having a dry landscape does not just mean having "rocks and cacti".

He says, "Using the right kind of plant in your landscape is just a really, really smart thing to do. We really shouldn't have to have a critical situation to get people to be interested in this."

He says for those who don't want to turn to xeriscaping, there are easy ways to protect your plants and trees like adding mulch.

"Water retention will help you save what you've got and hopefully, whatever it is you have if it hasn't died yet, hopefully it will pull on through and everything will be fine," Dowlearn says. 

In addition, he says, "This is very, very affordable and it helps retain whatever water does hit the ground.  It's going to help you hold that water in there."

Dowlearn says he's hopeful mother nature will eventually nurture the dry land with some much needed rain.

Also, he's it's not just homeowners who are switching turning to xeriscaping.

He says business owners are also trying to maintain their landscapes.

Dowlearn says since the city tightened water restrictions more and more folks have shown interest in xeriscaping.

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