Young County Men Arrested for Stealing Olney City Water

Two Young County men are in hot water with authorities. They were arrested for using two volunteer fire trucks and filling them with water from an Olney fire hydrant.

Earlier this month, the two men were seen taking water from an Olney fire hydrant. However, officials say it was not for a fire but to fill a swimming pool.

These two Young County men are charged with committing an act that has baffled the town of Olney. Police Chief Barry Roberts says it started on August 3rd when one of his officers saw two fire trucks in town.

"One was a Salt Creek Volunteer Fire Deptment and the other was a Young County Volunteer Fire Deptment.  They were at a fire hydrant at North Grand and Howard, I believe, and they were hooked up to the fire hydrant getting water," Chief Robets says.

And Chief Roberts say he was flabbergasted when he learned the purpose of the estimated 2,500 gallons of water.

"The gentlemen told us they were getting water for Christopher McComack's swimming pool," Chief Roberts says.

Roberts says it was for an above ground pool.

"I was shocked to say the least.  We're in Stage 4 water restrictions.  We have no outside watering at all unless you bring the water in," says Chief Roberts.

Olney's Stage 4 water restrictions started in February and city officials say they've gotten the word out urging residents to conserve but what makes this case even more surprising it that one of the men was a volunteer firefighter.

And now both men are in hot water.

"Ardian Martin, the volunteer fireman,  we filed a state jail felony-- abuse of officials capacity for taking the fire truck and bringing them up here and getting our water without permission.  And then,  both gentlemen, Adrian Martin and Christopher McComack both received a Class A misdemeanor citation for tampering with public utilities," he said.

Tonight, both are out of jail on bond, and Fire Chief Wayne Peters says Adrian Martin is no longer with the department.

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