Making The Grade Alamo Jr. Science Teachers

    Fifth graders at Alamo Elementary are finding out what it's like to be the teacher, not the student.
    And  this experiment in role changing is already meeting with praise and success.
    Eddie Randle explains in Tonight's Making the Grade.

    Fifth graders at Alamo are mixing things up in their science class by stepping into the role of teacher.
    Each week they teach a  lesson to grades 1 through three and teachers say both groups benefit.

"This is a way to get them into the lab, get them prepared for fifth grade working in a lab and it reinforces the fifth graders". says 5th Grade Science Teacher Jody Hopson.

"We're pretty much trying to feed the little kids some knowledge and teach them how much mass is in one thing and how much is in the other", said 5th Grader Kaleb Singletary.

    The students create their own measuring tool they call a force-o-meter which measures force and gravity.
Then they use a Spring Scale which is the more scientific tool and compare the measurements.
5th grader Kennedy Baker says they are learning appearances can be deceiving in the scientific world.
"Sometimes the bigger things have less mass than the smaller things", says Baker.   

"That is the ah-ha moment that I cant go by how its looks, I have to use a scientific process to figure this out", says Hopson.

    And  it's those ah-ha  moments that teach these junior scientists more than the lesson at hand.

"What you can teach, you know you know that. Because if you teach it you can understand it more than if someone taught it to you", added Baker.
    Hopson says this new teaching experiment is putting 3rd graders ahead of the game.

"We just finished force and motion and 3rd grade is going into force and motions. So this is a great review for 5th graders and a good introduction for 3rd", Hopson said.
    And with positive feedback coming from all the grade levels and teachers Hopson says she plans to do it all again next year.

"I see 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders who say hi Ms. Science teacher are we coming again, Yes", said Hopson.
    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS
    Making the Grade will be at Fowler after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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