Making the Grade Ben Franklin 50 States Display

5th Graders at Ben Franklin have been busy, they visited all 50 states in one week! 
But they never had to leave Texas to do it. Each kid picked one of our 50 states, studied its history and then put it on display for others to see.
Eddie Randle shows us the state of education at Franklin.

Springtime is a perfect time to travel around the U.S.....
And that's what the 5th grade  Social Studies students at Ben Franklin gave parents, teachers and their classmates an opportunity to do,  without leaving home..
And it was all apart of their class project.

"Pennsylvania I chose it because i've been there before with firends when i went we went to hershey because that where they make the hershey bars and that's really good", said Grayson Germany.
"The thing that i liked the most is new mexico had the first atomic bomb set off in 1945 as a test", says Hawthorne.
In addition to exploring the history of the land of enchantment,  Drew Hawthorne  was also able to add some personal knowledge about New Mexico since he  also has visited the state he picked..
He especially  enjoyed  the pueblos  and cliff dwellings  he had the chance to explore.

"There's like paintings on the wall and prints that i couldn't really understand, it was like their own language and they had the arrowheads and tools that they made out of bones", said Hawthorne.
"These students had displays from all over the united states starting at the  in Maine known for the worlds finest lobster and trickling on down to New Mexico known for its many buffalo and wide desert lands".
Grayson Germany says he learned many things about pennsylvania but was surprised to learn about the Amish community.

"They just didn't believe in electricity so they ride around in horse carriages and hang clothes on clothes lines like in colonial times", added Hawthorne.
Teachers say that's what this project is all about...
Helping the students open their eyes to other cultures so they can better understand them.
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Teachers say  the parents were a big part of this project because of the support and encouragement they gave their kids.

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