Making the Grade Brook Village Insects and P.E.

For most of us, the swarms of bugs this spring are nothing but a big nuisance, but for kids at Brook Village the insect invasion comes at the perfect time.
The Brook Village Early Childhood Development Center is putting swatting and shooing to use both in P.E. classes and in lessons on insects.
Eddie Randle shows us how in tonight's Making the Grade.

Mixing lessons learned in the classroom with a good P.E. workout may not be ideal in most cases,but it works well for the teachers and students at Brook Village.

"The teachers give me a calendar at the beginning of the year and i base my lessons on what their doing so this week they're doing insects", says P.E. teacher Linda Sandusky .
Sandusky says." 
The kids bring what they learn in class to the gym and she takes those lessons and incorporates music and movement so they get a good workout.
"Its proven in brain development as they move they learn more so putting the movements with the insect things and the facts they just learn so much more", says Sandusky.  
There  are times the students may have a question  she can't answer  so  she often turns to the  web for help.

"Some things they haven't learned in their class and they will come to me and say do insects have hearts and i'll have to google it", adds Sandusky.

The important thing is the kids are getting  the exercise they need while learning a valuable science lesson at the same time.

"They just love they come in and work hard and they're sweating by the time they leave and so we know they're getting a good cardio workout", Sandusky says.
Eddie randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Studies show healthier kids are more prone to be more active, alert and focused which are all great charactaristics to have in school.
Next week making the grade will be attending the pre-k and kindergarten roundup.

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