Making The Grade- Charlye O Society

Typically when students learn about our nations judicial system, it's in a history class.
But over at Hirschi IB Magnet Academy students are learning about courts hands on.
The Charlye O. Society or Hirschi Peer Court was established in 2011 and it allows students to help their peers and administrators with discipline issues on campus. 
Eddie Randle explains in tonight's Making The Grade.

During lunch hour at Hirschi High School this classroom transforms into a courtroom for students who have been caught breaking the rules.

It's all part of an organization with a goal to help students address issues before they get more out of hand.

"Our hope it to help catch these kids before they have to serve all their d-hall time in efforts to help them learn from their mistakes or errors in judgment that got them a referral to the office in the first place", says Program Coordinator Myra Weeks.

A group of about 8 students represent the charlye o society, which is named after charlye o. Farris...

The first african- american woman to practice law in texas , the first female lawyer in wichita county, and the first african american judge in the south since reconstruction.

Some students say this judicial type program sheds light on what administrators deal with from day to day.

"I've actually learned how discipline works and how some of the teachers feel when they discipline us", Sophomore Riany Howery says.

"We have to lay down the law we have to tell them this is a real court and we know what we're doing", said Sophomore Jose Vzquez.

But before the students give their ruling they evaluate all possible circumstances that may have led the defendant to this point... Like if the students is having personal problems at home.

"When the jury learns about the issues the student is faced with at home then they can target that sentence towards helping them figure out how to solve these issues their facing at home", said Weeks.

Both students and teachers say this program works because its peer to peer vs. Student to administrator.

"We're all on level ground when they come in and tell us their story its no different from them telling us in a classroom", says Sophomore class President Hope Stockwell.

Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Next week Making The Grade goes to Old High where students are getting ready for 8th grade tours.

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