Making the Grade Fain MOLU

Teachers are always looking for fun field trips to help  educate and engage their students.
But this week, Fain Elementary students didn't have to go far, because a traveling science lab came to them. 
Eddie Randle shows us what 5th graders experimented with in tonight's Making the Grade.

5th graders are zipping up their lab coats and hopping aboard the mobile oilfield learning unit or molu.
This traveling science lab comes equipped with 6 stations all centered around the education of oil and gas.

"It shows them where it comes from, diatoms underneath the ocean and creatures that lived along time ago", said 5th grade Science Teacher Cheryl Wilson.
This is the fourth year that molu has made its way to fain and teachers say with end of course tests changing so often having this as a tool will help the 5th graders prepare for the STAAR exam.

"They have been studying alternative energy and fossil fuel energy and  that is something they will probably be tested on on in april", Wilson says.  
And students are understanding the importance of preserving our energy sources.

"You cant waist it because there is only so much and its non renewable so once its gone its gone", said fifth grader Sidni Broadus.

"Oil and gas are apart of our lives they are important to us, their parents know that already because they have to budget for it", Wilson said.
Wilson says this learning unit not only prepares students for what may be on the staar test it gives them valuable lessons they can use outside of school.

"Their learning but their also following the steps that's very important in life. There are other sources out there but fossil fuels right now are still the least expensive", said Wilson.
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.
Next week Making the Grade finishes the fall semester at Sam Houston.

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