Making The Grade Hanyes Northwest Academy Playground

Its a new year and a WFISD school is hoping that 2013 will bring something new for the kids on its campus.

Haynes Northwest Academy is working provide a new playground, but in order to achieve that goal they need help from the community.

Eddie Randle was at Haynes today and explains in Tonight's Making the Grade.

Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers at Haynes Northwest Academy say this playground is beyond overdue for an upgrade.

"Compared to some of the other playgrounds other schools have you can tell ours is really small it only has one slide. And here in the back area its nothing but dirt and rocks and we're hoping we can get a concrete slab poured so the kids can play basketball and draw with chalk and things that require a solid place to play, said Kindergarten teacher Amy Rhine".

This is the area teachers and staff members are hoping to expand the playground but in order to do so they need to the help form the community.

Rhine says they have made several attempts to get grants for this project but have been unsuccessful.

"They ask questions like is your school title one, why does your school deserve a playground. We've applied for many of them and never gotten one, says Rhine".

These teachers have even gone the extra mile by purchasing sand for the two small sand boxes themselves.

But its not all about additional equipment.

Pre-Kindergarten teacher and PTO (Parent Teachers Organization) sponsor cindy peterson says its also about having a safe place for the kids to play.

"There are nails, there are splinters they get all the time. So its not just about them running around and playing its a safety concern too, said Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and PTO sponsor Cindy Peterson".

"So we're hoping we can get community help to raise more money for our playground so we're hoping to give them the opportunity to play on a nice playground, Rhine added".

Eddie Randle, KFDX 3NEWS.

If you would like to help Haynes purchase a new playground for its Pre-K and Kindergarten students here is how you can help.

Send a donation of any amount to the school and make it payable to Haynes Northwest Academy PTO.

Or you can drop the donations off at the school located at 1705 Katherine Street which is near Sheppard Access RD.

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