Making the Grade Harrell Accelerated Learning Center College Prep

    Preparing students for what comes after high school is not always an easy task.
    Especially when some students are college bound and others may be preparing to go straight into the work force.
    But Harrell Accelerated Learning Center is trying  to make the transition easier.
    They offer an advisory class that gives students the opportunity to decide what they want to do after they  receive their high school diploma.
    Eddie Randle takes us inside that class in tonight's Making the Grade.

"I refer to my students as my kids because when they come into this classroom they are mine. And just like any mother I want my kids to do better than what they have right now", says Advisory teacher Janet Adkins-Loomis.
    Janet Adkins-Loomis teaches Social Studies at Harrell Center.
    She also heads the advisory class that serves as a college or career prep course.
"Some of them already know exactly what they want to do and some of them think I might want to do this but I'm really not sure', said Adkins-Loomis.

    That's why this class is offered to give students options by placing the tools right in front of them.

"We also do resume building and we teach them how to make a cover letter and how to ask for letters of recommendation", Adkins-Loomis added.
    Which should be a big aid for  senior Bryton Lupardus who already knows he wants to be an R-N.
    And he says the web site they're using is like a key that will unlock the door to a future in the nursing field.

"It really helps because allot of kids don't get into college so this is good for financial aid and just taking the extra step to get there", said Lupardus.
    This prep class also offers guidance to those who may choose a technical school or the military after high school.
    Instructors say their main goal is to help each student on their way after high school, no matter what direction they choose.

"Not everybody wants a giant mansion and twelve cars and that's ok. I just want them to be happy and successful in whatever it is they want", said Adkins-Loomis.
    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.
    The web site  the students use is called apply Texas and its available for all Texas high school students.
    Next week Making the Grade travels to Ben Milam Elementary.

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