Making the Grade: Jefferson Elementary Parent Involvement Conference

When you think of school, you usually think of classrooms full of children.

But for one night at Jefferson Elementary parents are given the chance to
step into the classroom and get a first hand look at what is being taught to
their children.

The Parent Involvement Conference is held one night each semester.

Teachers prepare lessons for parents to gain insight on the latest technology
being used in the classroom.

Bruce Briesemeister attended the conference.

"Its very important. Because it shows them that we care about their education.
And uh so they can help them be successful. When they get older, it's just
elementary, but it starts from the very bottom and it just progresses as they
get to junior high and high school."

Lessons are organized by subject and grade levels.

They last about 15 to 20 minutes and are taught twice to accommodate parents
who have children in multiple grades.

Students today are using online resources and games that make learning fun.

Lendon Adkins is a student at Jefferson Elementary and enjoys using online
games to learn.

"Times attack. It's where you have a time limit about ten seconds and you
Have to answer a question and there is about like 20 each like levels."

The parent involvement conference helps parents stay on top of these latest
Learning trends.

"It helps me to understand exactly what they are doing in school.
And I can go with my son on the computer and help him to learn how to
do the math a little bit better."

Helping parents understand what's going on in their child's classroom
is the ultimate goal

But, if you ask Madilyn Sinmons why it is her parent's business to know what she is
doing in class, she says, “because they are very nosy."

Nosy, but with the best intentions.

Eric Jeansonne KFDX 3 News

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