Making The Grade Jefferson- Jump Rope for Heart

It's usually older people who are concerned about heart health issues..
But the earlier your start a heart  healthy lifestyle  the better...
And  students at Jefferson Elementary are doing just that, while also helping others who want to jump into the program.
In tonight's making the grade Eddie Randle shows us how these students are working with the American Heart Association to teach others the importance of a healthy ticker.

The American Heart Association is working with different schools to spread the word about the importance of a healthy heart.
The Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser not only raises money for the organization,  it also spreads awareness to people people of all ages.
Will Sandusky has been sponsoring the fundraiser at Jefferson for nearly 20 years and he says this fundraiser works... Because it keeps the kids active and it's something they can do with parents too.

"It promotes a healthy lifestyle with obesity rates being so high this keeps the kids active and maybe they can take that home with them and share with their family", says Couch and fundraiser sponsor Will Sandusky.

The fundraiser promotes community service and teaches students they can make a difference...
And that is exactly what sixth grader Danielle Harden is jumping  to do.

"Im not personally affected by it but i know people who are and its very sad that they have heart problems because their lives have been affected", said 6th Grader Danielle Harden.

"Not only are the kids benefitting from it but their also helping others that are less fortunate they are", said Sandusky.

The month long fundraiser comes to an end tomorrow with the jump for heart day.
Sandusky says the message he  tries to instill is  "it's what his students give to others, not  what they get."

"I think the more you give the bigger your heart grows. It takes a heart to be a hero and most kids all know someone with a heart problem so it hits home with every child", Sadusky says.

Eddie randle kfdx 3news.

The American Heart Association  urges all students,  parents and teachers to spread the word of a heart healtly lifestyle.
Next week making the grade goes to Sam Houston.

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