Making the Grade Lamar STAAR TEST Tutorials

The countdown for the math portion of the new STAAR Test has begun for fourth and fifth graders.
Test day is only 12 days away, so teachers at Lamar Elementary are making sure every student will be prepared  for   test day, with some added tutorial sessions.
Eddie Randle shows us how the junior mathematicians are getting ready
In tonight's Making the Grade.   All focus is on shapes and numbers for these fourth graders.
The STAAR Test is less than two weeks away and these students are trying to make sure every angle is covered.  "We're working on fractions and decimals we work on angles Geometry, adding, subtracting Multiplication is a really big factor," fourth grade teacher Angela Brown says.  Brown says fourth grade is about building a foundation and introducing students  to forward thinking for the challenges ahead.  Brown says, "STAAR is that thinking can you go beyond what you've been taught...transcend into that higher order of thinking that we really need our students to go to."
Teachers say the best way to teach  students is through models.
And thanks to new technology these kids can take advantage of some new tools. "This gives us a chance to show them what maybe they don't understand. One of the problems we did was dealing with rectangular prisms and triangular pyramids and the students didn't have a grasp of what that actually was...Well, I can pull it on the computer and show them," said Brown. And as for the readiness of the students ...
Brown says, "Oh, they are definitely there they are really participating so they are ready they are definitely going to be come the 24th of April."
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.
   April 24th will be the math testing day for all 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders.
The same grade levels will take the reading portion of the exam on April 24..
For all spring testing dates you can click here.

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