Making the Grade McNiel Show Choir

    The sound of music can be heard throughout the hallways at McNiel Jr. High as students in the show choir prepare for upcoming concerts and fundraisers.
    Eddie Randle was at McNiel and gives us a preview of the schools most advanced singers in Making the Grade.

    These kids are your real musicians who work hard and want to be here.
    McNiel Jr. High has always offered choir as an elective.
    But this year students have the opportunity to not only sing but add in some choreography for the school's first show choir.
    But to be in this choir you have to truly be dedicated.

"Allot of the kids in this class have made the choice to take choir as two electives periods son all of the guys in here are in my advanced mens choir and all the girls are in my advanced girls", said Sarah Cook McNiel Choir Director.
    Students like 8th grader Colleen Burross says if its something you love you'll make a way to get the job done.
    She knows first hand how that works she currently juggles her academics, two choir classes, and shes a cheerleader.

"You just have to have time for it. If you have to take time out of your weekend then you have to take time out of your weekend", said 8th grader and show choir participant Colleen Burross.
    The students have several concerts on their schedule and are rehearsing for a fundraiser concert that will help them purchase new music and costumes.
    They say their teacher's dedication and love for music is what fuels them to be better musicians.
    These singers joke about their intense rehearsals but they say its all worth it in the end.

"She beats us over the head with a stick sometimes but It's what you have to do if you want to be the best", said Burross.

"Mainly I want them to be life long musicians, I want them to be singing in community chorus' and church choirs, people that can love singing and music for the rest of their lives", added Cook.
    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.
    The McNiel Show Choir as well as the Advanced and Intermediate Choirs will take the stage Thursday October 25th for their Fall concert at the school @7pm.
    The fundraiser Concert is set for November 27th.
    For more info just call the school @ 235-1118.

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