Making the Grade New Principals

    Its day four of the new academic school year for Wichita Falls ISD.
And while students are getting adjusted to their new classrooms and teachers a few administrators are also stepping into some new roles.
    Three of our WFISD campuses have new principals.
    Eddie Randle introduces us to them in Making the Grade.

    For Shane Porter moving from vice principal to principal of Sam Houston Elementary was an easy transition.
    She says being in an administrative position will not stop her from being active and involved.

"I think your best leaders are not the ones standing out in front dictating, your best leaders are the ones standing in the trenches with your staff," says Porter.

    Porter says although she has her own style when it comes to administration she took pointers from her predecessor.

"After four years of watching Mr. Montemayor in that position i learned allot",Porter adds.

    Omar Montemayor served as principal at Sam Houston for the last 15 years of the 29 years hes been with WFISD and now he heading Zundy Jr. High.
    He says at Sam Houston he dealt only with Sam Houston students but at Zundy he get to see students who filter in from all elementary campuses.
    Student safety is at the top of his agenda but he also wants every student to feel welcome.

"I would like to see that every student has a place out here, that every student is going to be fitting into some kind of extra curricular or organization so they feel apart of the school", says Zundy Jr.High Principal Omar Montemayor.

    Just around the corner at WFHS Debbie Dipree is also walking smoothly into the principal role but its not the first time she's made a switch within the 25 years she's been at Old High.

"Over time I worked as the dance teacher i been an English teacher i was the magnet school coordinator for a time Ive done girls discipline before this position i was the school improvement coordinator', says WFHS Principal Debbie Dipree.

    Dipree says she knows the ends and outs of the school which helps her build relationships not only with the staff but the students too.

"We have the perfect mix a WFHS we are large enough that we have diversity, we are small enough so we meet the need of the individual", says Dipree.

    Meeting the needs of every student is a primary goal for Dipree.
    She says if their needs are met now it makes reaching their goals that much easier.

"For us for our kids we want this to a stop on the road for the future", Dipree says.

    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Next week Making the Grade will stop at Rider.

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