Making the Grade: New Way of Learning at Old School

It's a new way of learning at Old High.

Seniors in Mrs Yandell's AP English class are using technology to make learning as efficient as possible.

It's called a flip class.

"Flip classroom is where you take the lecture portion and the kids view that at home and then they have more time in the class period to work with the teacher on the material so we're flipping the instruction," says Yandell.

So instead of students being lectured in class and given a reading assignment to do at home, they can simply log on to their teacher's web site from home.

Then they can watch a short lecture on what they will be working on for the next class period.

"I think the visual representation of it is much better than actually reading it cause you get bored reading it. But if you can watch it you can rewind it. If you miss something and you know what's gonna happen before you come to the class,"says
Evan Parker.

"When we come to class the next day we have more time to actually focus on what we learned in the flip video and I think it's really beneficial because it gives us much more time to focus on what we need to learn," says Kagen Dunn.

This is the first year for the flip concept for Mrs. Yandell. But she's already seeing the advantage of using videos she creates herself. And the students can see an advantage as well.

"An actual online class you wouldn't be able to just talk about it later. It would just be videos and you can't talk back to videos," says Kelsey Tahmahkera

And in a world where doing things online seems to be the only way to get things done, it's only fitting that there's an element of "old school" in this new way of doing
things at "Old High."

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