Making the Grade P.I.E. Houston

    In this day and age educating a child stretches far beyond books and homework.
    Organizations like Partners in Education help with the teaching process by pairing mentors with students.
    In tonight's Making the Grade Eddie Randle shows us becoming a mentor can be beneficial for both mentor and student.

    Educating students in Wichita falls is no longer just a Monday thru Friday 8 hour period between teachers and students.
    Thanks to the P.I.E. Mentoring Program kids have a chance to share more than what they learn in the classroom.

"You get to share your feelings, said fourth grader and mentee", Braden Cain.   
    Fourth grader Braden Cain and his mentor Scott Porter have been building a friendship for nearly two years.
    And both say they  gain a lot from the experience.

"We got to know each other and then from that you get to gain his trust where we can bond in that way", said mentor Scott Porter.
    Councilors who help organize this program on various campuses say the kids start to have more of a positive attitude toward school when they're paired with  mentors.

"Their excited about being here their excited about coming because their mentor is coming. When they get good grades they want to tell their mentor, they've gone all week with a good conduct report they want to tell their mentor", said Sam Houston School Councilor Vickie Lamb.

"You help impact a child's life but it gives you something back in return too knowing your making a difference", said Porter.

"They find out nor everyone lives like they live and it opens their eyes to what's going on in our community, outside of our own neighborhood", added Lamb.
    Councilors say that's what this type of program is all about, educating.
    And when the mentor takes just as much from the experience as the student they know they've succeeded.

"With that child you see the improvement in their conduct you see their grades go up you see the positive relationship between you and that child build then your seeing first hand the impact that your work is doing for someone else",said Lamb.

"I cant wait to see him grow up and be a fine young man and hopefully we'll remain friends all the way through. We don't have plans of ending our relationship here, hopefully I can keep being his mentor as he goes through Jr. high and high school as well", Porter said.
    Eddie Randle, KFDX 3NEWS.
    Officials with Partners in Education (P.I.E.) say they are in need of mentors.
    If you wish to explore the idea of becoming a mentor just call the P.I.E. office @ 235-1009.

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