Making the Grade: Rider High School

The student body at Rider High School is well informed.

Complete with their own newspaper, yearbook, and newscast, these students constantly
stay on top of the latest happenings around campus.

The Rider Chronicle is the school's award-winning newspaper and is published every
6 weeks.

"I'm working on page designs for the newspaper and so we're working on like the name
plate and then other students in the class are working on their pages."

The yearbook staff is also hard at work year-round, capturing memories and highlighting
special moments for each student

"I make the book come together. I guess you could say. I create the theme and I
help everyone out."

Just like any publication, The Rider Chronicle and yearbook have photographers
out in the field shooting video and taking photos.

Some of those students are also busy passing on what they have learned along the
way to the new students.

"We are basically like mentors. We are helping them learn how to shoot photography
because most of the kids we have on staff this year have never done this before.
We've both been doing it for a while."

The school also puts on it's own newscast. Rider Channel 22 airs every Friday and
is aimed at giving students the news that is relevant to them.

"We take videos. We record events going on through Rider High School and record
it so we can show the kids not only through yearbook. Through yearbook it's just on paper,
but with RC 22 and what AV does, it brings it to life. And so kids are more intrigued with
watching it instead of just on a page."

And whether it is print or broadcast the skills these students are learning at
Rider High School will have them well prepared for whatever the information age has to offer.

Eric Jeansonne KFDX 3 News

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