Making The Grade- Sheppard Pirates

A book can open up a treasure chest of ideas for students...
And while each reader may find a different kind of treasure in the same book,  it can all result in gold when all the ideas and opinions are shared.
Fifth graders at Sheppard Elementary 
Looked for their treasure in a Robert Louis Stevenson classic.
And  in tonight's Making the Grade Eddie Randle shows us how these students are using this book to set sail for success. 

It started out as a  simple idea.

"It was my idea to do treasure island and make it multi disciplinary so everyone could in enjoy it", said 5th grader Language Artrs Teacher Kathy Baxter.
That idea quickly spread and had everyone jumping on board the project.

"Its been fun because everyone really got into it and looked up ideas on the internet", Baxter added.
Teachers say the project like this could not have come at a better time for students who just took their first staar test..

"Its been a fun diversion here at the end of school to enjoy a classic", said Baxter.
Mrs. Baxter says students can get more from an adventure  book like treasure island than several hours of diversion.
They can also learn about personalities, history and culture.

"We learned character traits and we got to try the hard attack and that was really nasty", said Percival.
Students also mixed the lessons with some fun foods and games  like  "Pirate Wizard Gold"  that really caught their eyes.
Or eye!

"Its fun because we get to draw wanted posters and treasure maps and we're learning about what pirates were in real life and we're doing all kids of things with math in it i like tha", percival said.
And  the true treasure  from this project will be just as valuable an investment in these kids' future as gold. 
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Next week Making the Grade closes out the semester with a trip to Head Start.

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