Making The Grade UIL

    It's quite the accomplishment when students achieve academic recognition for their hard work and dedication in their own school.
    But some take it to the next level to win  U-I-L recognition.
    Eddie Randle explains in tonight's Making the Grade.

    The University Interscholastic League known to most as UIL is a competition that measures and critiques  knowledge of students.

"UIL is more than 100 years old and Washington Jackson was indeed thankful to be able to sponsor the UIL"., says WFISD district UIL coordinator Margaret Jones

    The WFISD District UIL Competition was held this past weekend.
Students competed in a wide range of academic areas from mathematics to  story telling and even creative writing.
    After the competition those receiving top scores were presented with awards.
    But it wasn't all about ribbons and certificates. These students learned an even bigger lesson.
    How to be a good competitor.

"I like competing against friends and doing problems and practicing after school", said 5th grader Asha Harley.

"They want the kids to compete against themselves and others and this helps them to build confidence its nurturing they can have fun and they learn about judges making decisions and they can accept those decisions", said Jones.

    These students are also learning how to make decisions.
    Since it's not required for any student to compete in UIL it shows how dedicated these students are with their learning.
    Like most parents,  Allyson Ortiz says shes happy to see her child take charge  at such a young age .

"I feel fabulous about it. Ever since she was younger she's always loved school and learning. So just as a parent I feel honored that she has done this", says parent of UIL competitor Allyson Ortiz.

"Its makes you feel and I don't want to say good you feel terrific and they feel terrific that they want to do something that extends beyond the classroom", says Jones.
And the students are looking  forward to trying again next year, win or lose.

"It was fun and exciting and I would like to do it again next year", added Harley.

    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

    For more Information on the WFISD District UIL Competition just head over to the WFISD website.

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