Making The Grade- WFHS Campus Tour

It's a decision that will impact the next four years of current 8th graders.
    What high school should they choose?
    The choice program gives middle school students three high schools options.
    And officials at WFHS or old high say the oldest choice is the right choice.
Eddie Randle explains in tonight's Making the Grade.

One school, one tradition, one choice.

    That's what the students at WFHS live by in both academics and extra curricular activities.
    And they're hoping current 8th graders feel that spirit when they enter Old High for the Thursday nights campus tour.

"I've always heard its such a great school and i never doubted the decision i made", says Patel.

    Senior and Student Council Executive Board President  Ashini Patel says the past 3 and half years at Old High have taught her more than she ever dreamed of learning.
"My favorite part about old high is Berkley Breakfast the tradition of Old High Rider week its just so fun, allot goes on but you just have fun doing it with your friends you get to know your senior class so well its just a great experience", Patel said.
    It was family tradition that brought Senior Class President Jaisma Embers to Old High, and while she experienced challenges along the way she says it has been great overall.

"Throughout the four years I've learned leadership dedication perseverance with sports and maintaining grades and the difficulties between those two", says Embers.
    Both students are currently in AP classes and say there are a few things 8th graders should know to help keep them on the track to success.

"It's not more of what your friends think or where your friends are going because in the end its only you and you need to do what's better to better yourself", Embers said.

"Old High accepts you for who you are so if you come here you make the right choice", Patel adds.

One school, one tradition, one choice.
There's only one!!!!

    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

    Last year WFHS seniors received over 2.5 million dollars in academic scholarships.
    The 8th grade tours started at 5:30 pm and organizers say will last until the last family leaves.

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