Making The Grade- Zundy 6th Grade Program

    The jump from elementary to junior high school is a major, and often stressful,  transition for many kids.
    At Zundy Jr. High teachers and administrators are helping the next classes of 7th graders make that transition.
    Eddie Randle explains in tonight's Making the Grade.

    For most 6th graders the 6th grade is the exciting end of one level of their education.
    But at Zundy Jr. High its just the jumping  off point to the next level.
   For the past 15 years Zundy has provided the opportunity for students to get a jump start on secondary education.
    And that's exactly what 6th grader Benjamin Moffat say Zundy does.
    He's being challenged in the four Pre-AP classes he's taking.

"The Pre-AP helps allot because you can have an extra boost. I think it also prepares you for the responsibilities of being in 7th and 8th grade", said 6th grader Benjamin Moffat.

"Its preparing 6th graders to go into to Jr. High So when you go into real Jr. High like everyone else will transition you'll already know all things", said 6th grader Elayna Anderson.

"I like the fact that you get to explore new things and find what your interested in", said 6th grader Katlyn Lang.

    Katlyn Lang says in addition to the challenges she gets in her academics she also takes advantage of the many extra curricular courses..

"In elementary you don't have things like tech and band and leadership and exploratory languages that help you find what your interested in and want to end up doing" added Lang.
"They have allot more choices, so when they are a 7th grader they have already experienced what 7th and 8th graders experience and it does give them an upper hand", said 6th grade Teacher and Program Director Danny Minniear.

    And according to the students its a decision well made.

"Its kind of like a new start. You don't know anybody so its not like being a new kid and everybody is already friends, you get to meet a bunch of new people from all over town, you get to try new things that you never would have gotten to do in elementary school at 6th grade. Its just perfect I love it", said Lang.

    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.
    On Thursday January 31st Zundy will host the 6th grade tour from 6pm to 7:30 at the Jr. High campus.
    There will also be a meet and greet with the 6th grade teachers.

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