Making the Grade Zundy New Clubs

    Creating an environment where every student can excel is not just a slogan at Zundy Junior High, but an active, daily effort.
    New clubs are being created on the campus and students are learning they don't have to be an athlete to be part of a team.
    Eddie Randle shows us how these clubs are bringing students together in tonight's Making the Grade.

    Zundy Junior High principal Omar Montemayor was brainstorming with teachers on ways to bridge the gap between clubs and other extra curricular activities already in progress.   
    So they came up with some new clubs that would allow 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to interact.
    6th grade math teacher Sandy Hughes was quick to step into the role of sponsor for one of the new clubs.

"We decided that a dance club would be a good idea because we have the students who know how to do all these up and coming dances and they can teach the ones that don't know how", said 6th Grade math teacher and dance club sponsor Sandy Hughes.
    Getting on the dance floor isn't the only way to fit in at Zundy; there are other ways to make a move to more involvement.
    The Chess Club already has about sixty students on the board.

"It helps students look at choices not only on the board but choices in life it helps them slow down and think about some logical decisions they have to make, it really a great educational activity to have", said Zundy Principal Omar Montemayor.

"Its actually just like a sharing of knowledge and all their different skills", said Hughes.
    Administrators and teachers say these activities allow students to grow socially and it puts them on a path to becoming better team players.

"No we are seeing them pass in the hallways where usually an 8th Grader wouldn't know a 6th grader and they'll actually say hi or hey your in the dance club with me its a great way to kind of bridge that gap and give them a since of belonging no matter where they are or who they are", said Hughes.
    And that's a checkmate for all teams at Zundy.
    Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

    Principal Montemayor is also in the process of getting a Martial Arts Club started at Zundy.

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