Mammograms performed at Clinics of North Texas may not be trustworthy

 A certified letter from the Clinics of North Texas about the mammogram patients received between May 1st, 2016 and May 31st, 2017, basically says the mammography may not be trustworthy.    

The letter says "after a review of our mammography services was performed, it was determined that, during this time period mentioned above, there were issues concerning positioning, compression, and exposure in the mammograms performed at the clinic 

As a result, the clinic's mammography system failed to satisfy certain certification standards." It also says in part "we are actively engaged in the re-training of our interpreting physicians and each of our mammography radiologic technologists."

The clinics suspended mammographies on August 16th. The letter recommended those affected consult with their physician about the need for another mammogram at another facility. Hannah Beaty with Susan G. Komen of North Texas agrees.

"My advice would be to go and talk with their doctor.  Their doctor knows their history.  They know what the person's risk is for breast cancer, and they're going to be able to help them find the services they need in order to get screened and to know what their risk of breast cancer is." Hannah Beaty, Marketing & Communications Manager, Susan G. Komen of North Tx.   

We contacted the Clinics of North Texas for further comment and we received a news release stating all certification requirements were met as of yesterday, allowing them to reopen the mammography services. 

The spokesperson said  they are offering repeat mammograms  at no cost to impacted patients. It's not known how many patients may be affected by this.

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