(Many) Members of the 83rd Legislature on Twitter

When the 83rd Legislative Session gavels in tomorrow, the tweets will fly fast and furious -- not that they didn't during the interim, and especially during the height of election season. Twitter is as much a fact of life these for most Texas House and Senate members as email newsletters or old-fashioned ink-on-paper correspondence, and it's maybe the best way to keep up with them in real time as the dog days of January give way to the hair-on-fire days of May.

In addition to the news and data and events we provide here at the Trib, we're also big on connecting you with the people who represent you. So we're pleased to provide a list of the Twitter handles of the 120 state lawmakers who do the communications thing 140 characters at a time. (Yes, you're reading that right: One-third of the 181-member legislature isn't on Twitter. In 2013. You could have knocked me over with an avatar. We're hoping more members hop on the bandwagon before too long, and we encourage them or their staffers to let us know if/when they do.)

For the list of Twitter handles:

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