Meth-Related Arrests Keep Sheriff's Office Busy

Five people are now in jail in connection with suspected meth manufacturing in Wichita Falls ... And one suspect is still on the loose.
   A vehicle pursuit began just before noon -- and the arrests lasted through mid- afternoon.
   The Wichita county sheriff's office is not yet releasing names, because the suspects have not been read their rights yet.
    And they're still looking for one of the suspects -- who is described only as a bald man.
    Sheriff David Duke wants to send a message.
"We have units looking for dope. And that's exactly -- matter of fact, the K-9 unit -- I told em today, 'Go get us some more dope.' And obviously he's doing his job."
   Sheriff Duke says it all began when this K-9 unit tried to pull this vehicle over due to erratic driving.  But duke says instead of pulling over, the car ran several stop signs, then crashed here on Avenue J.
   "The two males bailed out of the vehicle."
   Deputies arrested both females. A manhunt began for the two males.  Sheriff duke says the suspects had left a trail of evidence along the pursuit route -- throwing drug paraphernalia out the car window.
   "Can you imagine this stuff lying in the street, kids riding bikes through there, getting it on their feet, drag it in the house, walk across the floor, babies crawl through it, baby ingests it -- you can imagine how deadly this stuff can be."
    Sheriff Duke says deputies arrested the male driver at a house near Avenue J and Fillmore.  
   "We call em shake & bake labs."
    Meaning -- manufacturers use two or three liter coke bottles to make meth -- that way, it cuts down on the strong odor of anhydrous ammonia.
   "This is consistent with some of the newer ways of doing it, trying to evade detection."
    While searching for the male suspects, sheriff duke says deputies had gone to a house in the 2000 block of avenue G.  When they saw surveillance cameras and smelled ether, they got a search warrant and arrested a *different* male and female.
    Duke says deputies found liquid meth, and components of a lab.
   "That's the -- that's the basis of all the problems we have. Burglaries, theft, forgeries, ID thefts, car burglaries, robberies - goes back to dope. So, here we are."
     Sheriff Duke says traffic stops last night led to the discovery of liquid meth and some powder meth ... so he says this continues to be a big issue in Wichita County.

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