Mother of Danielle Hill Alvarado Speaks on Robert Alvarado's Arrest

"This is where [Johnathan] took my daughter's life, where he took Nikki's mommy," the words of Balynnda Dillard, as she stood in front of the house on Polk Street where her daughter, Danielle, was killed.

"She was only 98 pounds dripping wet," said Balynnda, "but she fought with everything she had to get out of this place."

Balynnda said her daughter was stabbed 18 times. She said most of the wounds were on Danielle's left side to her arms, legs, stomach and chest.

Balynnda said Johnathan killed her daughter, when he stabbed her in the heart.

"Her whole entire body was slashed, and cut and stabbed," explained Balynnda, "Deep, deep wounds. They were deep enough that the first one should have killed her, but she kept fighting to stay alive."

After she was dead, police records indicate Johnathan and his father, Robert, kept Danielle's body in the home for two days.

The men then took her body, according to Robert's arrest affidavit, out of a back window, put it in a van, and took her to a secluded area in Burnett Park. A place where Danielle would remain for two and a half years.

Balynnda said she thinks Robert Alvarado should be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

"In my eyes, I think he should pay the same kind of sentence that a murderer would pay," said Balynnda, "To me that's what it is. He was involved with it. Tampering with physical evidence, I mean he helped take my daughter out of this house, put her in a van, and take her out to bury her."

Robert Alvarado is currently in the Wichita County Jail on a $250,000 bond and charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Johnathan Alvarado hanged himself in September of 2011.

Johnathan's mother Debra Watson, who was in the home while her son and Robert hid Danielle's body, also died in 2011 of apparent natural causes.

Balynnda, however, said she doesn't think those three were the only ones with information about Danielle's murder, and she's asking anyone with information to come forward.

But for now, Balynnda said she can find some solace in the fact her daughter did finally receive a proper burial.

Danielle was laid to rest in Drumright, Oklahoma with all the love and respect she deserved.

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