Mother of Danielle Hill Alvarado Speaks Out

"I never really wanted to accept the fact that Danielle was dead or that she had been hurt," said Balynnda Dillard, who for the last two and a half years has been been in what she calls a living nightmare.

Her 27-year-old daughter, Danielle, disappeared in January of 2010.

Balynnda held a balloon release on the 1 year anniversary of the day Danielle went missing, and this past April, another remembrance ceremony.

Balynnda said she now knows her fight to keep Danielle's memory alive has paid off after authorities discovered her body.

"[It's] a relief knowing that she's been found and now she can finally be put to rest where she belongs," said Balynnda, "She's no longer by herself, and no longer in fear."

Acting on a tip from a confidential source, police said they found Danielle's body in a wooded area of Burnett Park.

While she admitted at times she was angry with the police for not doing more, Balynnda said she's now grateful they never stopped looking.

"Danielle was buried five foot deep, and they only went four foot, and then they had to stop," explained Balynnda, "and I was told that Detective Killingsworth was actually on his hands and knees with the other agents, hand-digging my daughter out of that grave."

A homicide investigation is now underway to find out what exactly happened to Danielle, and how her body ended up buried in the park.

However, Balynnda said she thinks she already knows who is responsible.

She said she feels it was Danielle's husband, Jonathan, who took his own life last September.

"Danielle went through a lot of abuse with him," said Balynnda, "mentally, physically, emotionally, and eventually it took her life."

"I can't forgive him for what he did as far as taking my daughter, a sister, a mother away," said Balynnda, "I've tried real hard to accept the fact, but I don't know if forgiveness is there yet."

While forgiveness may be out of the question, Balynnda said at least now her family has some answers.

At least now, Danielle's seven-year-old daughter, Nikki, has some closure.

"Nikki's going to have her closure, finally knowing that Mommy didn't run away from her," Balynnda explained, "Mommy didn't leave her and abandon her. Mommy was in a real bad situation that took mommy's life, and [Nikki's] dealing with that the best that a seven-year-old knows how to deal with that."

Dealing with a tragedy, no little girl should ever have to endure.

Reporter's Notes by Ryan Robertson:

Funeral services for Danielle Hill Alvarado are Saturday, October 27th at the First Baptist Church in Drumright, Oklahoma where Danielle grew up and graduated from high school.

Balynnda said she hopes others can learn from this story that no one should stay in an abusive relationship.

To families with missing loved ones, Balynnda encourages them to never stop searching, and never give up hope.

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