MSU Suggest 3.9% Tuition Hike to Board

    With $12.5 million of state funding cut from MSU, administrators are once again looking at another hike in tuition and fees to make ends meet. Thursday, members of the Board of Regents were presented with the proposed 3.9% tuition increase. They plan to use this money if approved to go to pay raises for faculty and staff, who've not had a raise in the last two years.
    "I like that it's sectioned off in different places rather than just an across the board increase," said Student Body President Kyle Christian.
    MSU is not only looking at an increase in tuition but fees as well, specifically in places were the university loses money such as distance education courses and non-resident tuition. But Kyle Christian still sees MSU as an affordable university even with the proposed hike.
    "I guess relatively it is because other schools are increasing tuition as well, so I guess relatively it is an afford able education," said Christian.
    After Texas deregulated tuition in 2003 public universities have been increasing tuition steadily over the years to stay afloat.
    "Midwestern has not received an increase in state funding since 1998, so we continue to pass cost on to our students and their moms and dads," said MSU President Dr. Jesse Rogers.
    The proposed 3.9% hike is the lowest increase MSU has asked the Board of Regents to approve in several years.
    " I can tell you compared to all schools, that our tuition in the last year was slightly below average in the state," said Dr. Rogers.
    MSU may be steering toward raising the tuition for the next academic school year, but Dr. Rogers is putting the breaks on rumors the school merging with another one.
    "I think the reason is that, only four schools outside of 37 public institutions in Texas, only four schools are not in a system and we are one of the four schools," said Dr. Rogers.
    The committee only proposed the increase Thursday. A decision for the 2012-2013 academic school year tuition will be decided by the full Board Friday.

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