MSU Tuition Hike Postponement Not Thrilling Students

MSU's Board of Regents agreed to hold off setting tuition rates and fees until the May 2014 meeting.

And while many students are happy about it some believe school officials are simply postponing the inevitable.

The price of a higher education has been getting higher over the past few years, but at Midwestern State University, the cost will remain the same-- for now.

MSU's board of regents agreed to postpone setting tuition rates and fees until May of next year.

The school's presidents says the extra time will allow state lawmakers to possibly make some changes in state regulations that could make a big impact.

"We lose 4-5 million a year on funded mandates... that's state programs that are funded out of our tuition and fees. The legislature understands this and they're acting on that so if some of those mandates are voted out and we no longer have to deal with it we'll be able to keep much more of the funds that we bring in from tuition," explains Dr. Jesse Rogers, president at MSU.

Even though tuition could increase next fall the news is not making all students breathe a sigh of relief.

"As a student who has to pay for most of the stuff out of pocket cause my parents cannot afford it, with a new college bachelors degree being the new high school diploma, I don't think I should have to put myself in debt so much money just because I want to get a good job," says MSU Junior Shanice Glover

"I have a scholarship, Texas grant cause my mom stays in TX and I have student loans and other stuff like that. 13:10:32:10 They don't understand that them raising tuition... that's more money I have to pay out of pocket once I graduate," adds MSU Junior Constance Ashley.

The average cost to take 30 hours per year at M.S.U. is $6,800, which is still fairly cheap.

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