MTG Fowler Wildcats Tutorials

    Fowler Elementary students are shooting for more goals this year with the help of some new tutors who are making assists and checking their  classwork.
    As Eddie Randle shows us in this weeks Making the Grade, members of the Wildcats Hockey Team are lending their support as tutors in classrooms.
    Members of the Wildcats Hockey Team are coming together off the ice to help students in their everyday school lessons.
    Some may say having local celebrities in the classroom can be distracting but at Fowler both students and staff are rooting for the team.

"Its a great situation all together because the kids look up to the wild cats so having them in the classroom to help them with their work it stresses the importance of it to them," says Fowler Assistant Principal Jeff Hill.
    The Wildcats say community involvement is something the entire team stands behind.

"It pretty cool because some of these kids come to the games and stuff and its nice to see them outside of hockey. They  support us so we try and come out here and support them and make their day a little better," says Wildcats teammate George Bagions.

"We're really big on giving back to our community we fill that  where it starts its what's really important for a Jr. Hockey  team because we're part of the community and its good to give back and show support to the people who support us," said Wildcat Patrick Yudez.

    Administrators say kids normally see classwork as something they have to do, so when they have people they consider role models working with them one-on-one it motivates them to try harder.
    Work becomes less of a chore and more of a fun team effort.

"I've always taken my education seriously and it will get you far weather you play a sport or not you have to rely on education," said Yudez.
    Taking a break from scoring goals on the ice to help students reach theirs in the classroom.
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

    In addition to helping out in schools the Wildcats also volunteer with the local meals on wheels program.
    Next week Making the Grade highlights parents and students working together at West Foundation School.

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