MTG Kirby all girls Math

    Two years ago administrators at Kirby World Academy were given results of some studies showing a gap between genders when it comes to learning Math.
    So they decided to experiment by placing all girls in one 7th grade Algebra class.
    Both teachers and student found advantages in the experiment.
    Eddie Randle explains in Tonight's Making the Grade.

    Math teacher Michelle McCann says two years ago she was approached with the idea of teaching an all girls math class at Kirby.
    Administrators wanted to see if scores would improve if they placed all girls in one class and boys in another.
    McCann says with this different setup the girls responded well.

"Its just a comfortable place for the girls its a sisterhood and we talk allot about being a strong intelligent female and how that can help us for college", says McCann.
    McCann says some students may feel intimidated by the opposite gender which can keep them from asking questions.
    But in this class hands are being raised left and right.

"I feel like when its all girls they are so much more confident in raising their hand and trying to give the answer and not worried about being wrong and really wanting to master whatever we're working on in that week or in that unit", McCann said.

"When you mixed with boys you really don't answer many questions but when your mixed with girls you can actually answer", said 7th grade all girls math student Jennifer Lowery.
    Students say having an accomplished woman as a teacher and role model is also an advantage.
    And they enjoy being able to relate to someone whose experienced exactly what they are currently going through.

"Its awesome because you can actually express what you feel", said Lowery.

"I am a woman I've been a 13 and 12 yr. old girl before and had to deal with some of the struggles they deal with not just in academics but in everyday life", said McCann.

    McCann says her main goal with these girls is to see them graduate high school and get a higher education.

"A strong female with an educational background, that is something that nobody can ever take away from you", McCann added.

    Eddie Randle, KFDX 3NEWS.

    This experiment had positive outcomes on both sides.
    Administrators and teachers say the all boys math class also showed improvements.

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