Murder Victim's Family Begs for Information

   Altus police have released the name of the woman found dead in a car parked in an alley Tuesday afternoon ... and say the state medical examiner's office has ruled her death a homicide.
    Forty-nine-year-old Melissa Bost was a married mother of three.
    Her family is begging anyone with information to come forward.
    Altus police chief Tim Murphy says investigators have questioned several persons of interest and have not eliminated any of them ...
    But police have not yet made any arrests.

Chelsea Anderson
"She was a fighter.  She would fight for her family for anything.  Nobody could do anything to her family. And now we're here to fight for her, because she can't do it."
    It's an unimaginable pain.
   Chance Bost
    "I just regret not spending enough time with her.  I just feel like it's my fault that I wasn't there to protect her."
    Tony Bost
   "If anybody else out there knows anything -- anything -- I mean, just look! Cause man, she was a daughter, she was a wife. She was a loving mother.  She didn't deserve this!"
   "I'm so angry & confused, & I keep expecting her to walk through that door."
    Investigators are trying to figure out where the actual murder took place. 
    They believe Melissa Bost was killed in Tuesday's early morning hours ... then her body and her dog were later put in her car and driven to the one thousand block of East Sutherland. 
    Around two Tuesday afternoon, someone heard the dog barking from the car in the alley -- and later called police.
   "I just can't understand how somebody could just take somebody's mom away. Somebody just took her from us.  They didn't give us a chance to say goodbye, they just took her. And then just left her!"
    This family is begging anyone with information to contact police.
"Just tell em what you know, please.  Please -- cause you'd want somebody to do the same for you."
    Tim Murphy
Altus Police Chief
   "It is unique for sure.  You know, we don't have a lot of violent crime in Altus. And we're going to do everything we possibly can to see that justice is done for Melissa & Melissa's family.  They deserve it."
    If you have any information, please call Altus' Crime Stoppers.
    That number is (580) 482-TIPS -- or (580) 482-8477.
   You don't have to leave your name and you could earn a cash reward.

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