1 Million Acres of North America on Fire!

The headline is simple the power of the words profound "1 Million Acres of North America On Fire!"

The location is the Canadian Territory of Northwest Territories Canada, otherwise known as N.W.T.

The total number of individual out of control wildfires as of writing this are 162.

The Canadian broadcasting Company is reporting 425,000 hectares as being on fire that translates into 1,050,197 acres.

Numerous villages, homes, businesses and towns are in the threatened area of these fires.

David Purchase with the "Forest Management Division" near Fort Smith Northwest Territories says the high number is not surprising.
"When we have lightning storms to pass through and conditions are dry out there we do pickup forest fires 1 to 3 days after a lightning storm goes through he says one fire caused by a person near Fort Smith N.W.T. was quickly dealt with.
With higher than normal temperatures in most of the territory and dry conditions the risk of fires is extreme and about 70% of the N.W.T.

So far there has been no indication the fires or the smoke from the fires has had any effect on the United States or for that matter lower Canada.

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KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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