101-Year-Old Woman Sets Trap for Suspected Thief

(WOOD) Pauline Puttbrese is not an average 101-year-old.

Puttbrese lives at Woodlawn Meadows Retirement Village in Hastings, Michigan. She gets around-the-clock care.

One morning a couple of week ago, she noticed money missing from her purse.

"The night before, I gave my great-granddaughter money to buy some stuff for me, so I took her out $25," Puttbrese said. "There was at least a $20 and a $10 bill and some others. I didn't count, I didn't know then. The next day when I got my purse out, it was gone."

In the following days the thefts continued, and she hatched a plan.

A few days later, she noticed again money was missing from her purse.

“The second time it went three, four days, a weekend went by, so we decided she probably wasn’t working the weekends,” Puttbrese said. “I went to get money and a $20 bill was gone.”

That time the thief left $17 in the purse; A $10, $5, and two $1 bills.

“So I said, ‘Let’s leave that for bait and see if she comes back,’” Puttbrese said.

Read more: http://bit.ly/1iagylg

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