Americans Unsure of Action in Syria

The administration insists Syria is responsible, but the American people aren't so sure.

As United Nations inspectors wrap their investigation today into Syria's deadly nerve gas attack polls here show little public support for military action:

President Obama and his National Security Team laid out their case in a conference call with lawmakers. "The objective was to give leaders of Congress an update on our thinking." Chuck Hagel/ Secretary of Defense

Lawmakers are also concerned about the potential cost. "Where you start lobbing missiles and those missiles are about a million dollars each, they cost a lot of money." Rep. Buck McKeon/ (R) California

There's also concern that unsecured chemical weapons could later be used against U.S. troops. "That is not a risk that we can take and that's what the compelling national security interest is here," said Senator Robert Menendez, (D) New Jersey.

But it's looking more like the U.S. may have to go it alone. Israel says it's unlikely to join a strike.

The British voted against it, saying it's highly likely - but not certain - Syria was behind the attack.

Meantime in Syria, people are leaving by the thousands - fearing they could see U.S. missiles overhead any minute.

The convincing evidence the Obama Administration says justifies an attack still hasn't been made public.

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