As Third Week of Shutdown Begins, Debt Default Looms

(NBC News) In Washington, tonight there's more hope but no deal yet, with Thursday's debt default fast approaching.

Senate democratic and republican leaders say they're close to a deal but can it even get a vote in the House where the tea party is dug in?

On Monday, President Obama joined furloughed federal workers at a food bank and blamed house republicans for the shutdown and possible default.

"I think house republicans continue to think that somehow they can extract concessions by keeping government shut down or by threatening default," President Obama said.

Many house republicans blame him, for not compromising on Obamacare.

"Given the ruthless and vindictive way the shutdown has been handled, I now believe that this a president would willfully act to destroy the full faith and credit of the united states ," said republican Congressman Tom McClintock of California.

If the debt ceiling is not raised by the 17th,6 billion in interest payments might not be paid on the 31st along with another 67 billion for Social Security, Medicare and the military.

In West Virginia, furloughed federal information specialist, Kim Thomas, worried about her kids.

"I've had to dip into my savings already next pay day I'll probably have to dip into my children's savings," said Thomas.

One of Kim's senators is democrat Joe Manchin

"The whole financial world is looking at us and we can't govern ourselves," Manchin said.

At midday, senate leaders were hopeful

"We're gonna get a result that's acceptable to both sides," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

And a white house meeting was delayed to let senate leaders finish but the question is if Speaker John Boehner would allow a house vote on any plan that does not roll back Obamacare and spending as tea party republicans demand.

Many in Washington believe only another short term deal could get Tea Party support.

That means even if it passes, another crisis in just a few months.

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