At $7 a Cup, this Starbucks Joe is Black Gold

Fancy a $7 cup of Starbucks? 

In this day of skyrocketing gas, grain and food prices, only a select few do.

But that's the price for a special rare brew Starbucks is serving up in just a few locations.

If you want to sip this black elixir, you'll have to ask for "Costa Rica Finca Palmilera," and fork over $40 for a half-pound. Also, you'll need to live in Seattle or Portland.

Only 48 stores in the country have the beans, and 46 of them are in one of these two cities.

It's not just any Starbucks there that have them, either. Only locations boasting the $11,000 "Clover" coffee machine are worthy to brew the beans. The coffee doesn't have to be made in the Clover, though. It's also available as a pour-over.

Starbucks told TODAY Wednesday there's a very good reason for the premium price on this "exotic" blend from a rare "Geisha varietal" line, which comes from an ancient line of plants that traces its lineage back to Ethiopia.

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