Black Friday turns to Grey Thursday

Black Friday is a day for deals, and maybe working off some of that turkey you had on Thanksgiving. As folks push through the crowds looking for a bargain or that perfect present. It was also a great day for retailers as they are already seeing record breaking sales for this holiday shopping season. This year, Black Friday actually began on Grey Thursday - otherwise known as Thanksgiving. "Dinner is cooked, my belly is full and now I'm ready to shop."

And shop, and shop, and shop. Dozens of retailers decided to start things a day earlier this year.. In part because a late Thanksgiving means there will be six less shopping days this season..

"We were really encouraged with what we saw last night. Customers were out in droves and they were excited and they were shopping. But not everyone is sold on the idea.

"They should all be closed Thanksgiving. It's Thanksgiving."

Rolling now into Black Friday. The day that traditionally is all about bucks - not that kind, this kind..

Some shopping until they -literally- drop.. Others finding any place they can to take a nap.. Even Santa can get a little sleepy.. On a hectic day, that has seemed to wake-up the retail industry..

"We've had a tough fall with the government shutdown, consumer confidence was low...just a lot of different factors that played into a conservative consumer and I think there's a pent-up desire and they are showing it right now."

And some plan to "show it" all weekend long. "Eat, shop go home come back and shop again'. Tireless dedication..

To "bag" the best deals they can find. And it s a good deal for retailers too during a season for many businesses that accounts for 20-40% of their annual sales.

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