Boyfriend Saves Girlfriend's Life after She is Buried in Utah Avalanche

A Utah woman who was buried by a 700-foot wide avalanche on a Utah mountain miraculously survived thanks to her boyfriend, who found her with a rescue beacon and shoveled her out of the snow.

Elisabeth Malloy, 43, and her boyfriend Adam Morrey, 30, were backcountry skiing in the mountains east of Salt Lake City on Saturday when they triggered and were engulfed by a 700-foot wide avalanche.

Malloy, who suffered frost bite in her toes and fingers, told reporters she felt a "strange serenity" while trapped under the snow before she went unconscious.

"I was sliding face-first on my stomach downhill. It was violent, I didn't hit anything, it was just kind of a ride, no stopping," Malloy said according to Fox13Now. "I had a small pocket of air I created with my arms and I decided the best situation was to meditate and breath closely. I said to myself, 'It's not time for me, this isn't it and Adam will find me.' I had this feeling I was going to be fine."

Morrey was able to locate Malloy with an avalanche rescue beacon.

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