Burrito Bandit Busted

A Florida man will have to pay $1,000 for a couple frozen burritos. He's accused of stealing the food and the punishment is costing him more than he bargained for.

In Adriel Roque's five years of managing the Universal Supermarket in Bonita Springs, he's had people steal from him before.

"I've seen people put packages of beer and single cans in their pockets and I've seen people try to hide trays of meat," he said.

But he's never had someone try to make off with items priced at less than a dollar each.

"Picked up three burritos actually placed them in his pockets and tried to walk out," he described.

The man was 63-year-old William Ross. And the three burritos deputies say he stuffed in his pockets added up to a whopping $2.37.

"I was shocked by the fact that he was willing to risk his freedom for three burritos," Roque said.

But this wasn't Ross' first time trying to cheat the store. He's been caught two times before stealing meat and fruit, which is why this time Roque called the cops. 

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