Cruz Stands to Defund ObamaCare

Something unusual happened in Washington early Wednesday morning, and it has to do with your health care.

One lone Republican has decided to go against the party and talk the Affordable Health Care Act to death. He's been talking virtually all night -- even though this "talkathon" could lead to a government shutdown. "I intend to speak in support of defunding Obamacre until I am no longer able to stand." Senator Ted Cruz/ (R) Texas

Early this morning - his colleague Mike Lee of Utah took over. "The American people have never been enthusiastic about Obamacare," said Senator Mike Lee, (R) Utah.

But by three this morning, Cruz was back.

Cruz actually supports the plan up for a vote today - stripping the money from health care to avoid a government shutdown, but Democrats in charge plan to change the bill - and keep the health care funding.

He's not the only one talking. "The most important thing is just to get people enrolled in this," said President Bill Clinton.

Presidents Obama and Clinton broke down the Affordable Care Act at a forum in New York last night, including next week's open enrollment for the new health insurance exchanges. "They're going to be able to shop just like you shop for an airline ticket or a flat-screen TV, and see what's the best price for you, what's the plan that's best suited for you," said President Barack Obama.

Ted Cruz insists it'll cost too much. That's why he talked for almost 22 hours.

Republican leaders warned against it but, egged on by conservatives, Cruz kept talking.

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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