Cycling for Newtown

26 cyclists representing the 26 victims killed in Decembers Newtown, Connecticut massacre rode from Newtown to the U.S. Capitol.

The cyclists arrived just as congress takes steps toward new gun-control laws.

A new law expands background checks to people buying guns from someone other than a licensed gun dealer, but Republicans argue it could lead to gun registration.

"Criminals still get guns, they obtain them because they do not comply with background checks," said Senator Charles Grassley, (R) from Iowa.

But Schumer of New York, who is sponsoring the bill as part of President Obama's effort to curb gun violence, says it closes huge loopholes.

"We never see the argument that oh, the bad people will; we shouldn't have laws because the bad people will get around them anyway. Only on this issue do you, and it makes no sense in my judgment," said Senator Charles Schumer (D) of New York.

The same committee later this week will take up an assault weapons ban to outlaw guns like the one used at Sandy Hook.

It is uncertain of the outcome until the senate votes next month.

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