Electric Cars Get a Boost

(NBC News) Eight states are pledging to add more conveniences and incentives for the drivers of electric vehicles.

Their goal is to work together to get more than 3.3 million zero emissions vehicles on the road by 2025.

Battery powered cars have only been around a few years.

And the number sold compared to this time last year, has more than doubled.

But they still make up just a small fraction of the cars on the road.

Since 2010, more than 138,000 battery powered vehicles have been sold, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association.

Now 8 states are working together to remove barriers for consumers, like a lack of charging stations.

"We want there to be more and more places people can plug in so drivers needs can be met where they are," said Brian Wynne, President Electric Drive Transportation Association.

Another challenge is awareness.

We met Cheryl Gigger shopping for a new Nissan.

But she had never heard of their battery powered model until we asked her to climb inside the Leaf.

Gigger says her biggest hang up about switching over to a battery powered car is concern over charging and a lack of charging locations.

Getting drivers past "range anxiety" seems to be the key to consumer acceptance.

A big focus for these 8 states is building more infrastructure, creating building codes that encourage the installation of charging units and switching public vehicles over to electric cars.

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