Google Upsets Users with Cesar Chavez Doodle

Google's decision to mark Easter Sunday with a doodle of leftist icon Cesar Chavez atop its search engine angered some users in what they see as a snub of Jesus on the day Christians mark his resurrection.

Google defended the decision by saying it reserves the spot for historical figures and events, but a review of its past doodles shows it has never honored Jesus on Christmas or Easter, despite his historical and spiritual significance to billions around the world.

"I thought the Chavez-google thing was a hoax or an early April Fool's Day prank," Fox News contributor Dana Perino tweeted. " ... are they just going to leave that up there all day?"
The Daily Caller website also chimed in, noting the establishing ties between Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and the Obama administration.

"While Google frequently decorates its logo to celebrate various holidays and special events, it is unclear why the company chose specifically to honor Chavez's birthday, instead of Easter Sunday," the website read.

In 2011, President Obama proclaimed each March 31 to be designated Cesar Chavez Day in honor of the co-founder of the United Farm Workers union. The civil rights activist died in 1993 at age 66.

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