Hotmail is Dead, Now Switching to

It's official: will fully replace Hotmail as Microsoft's webmail service. The company will begin to auto-update accounts, and hopes they will be fully migrated from Hotmail to by this summer.

The move was spurred by surprise growth in the mail service, which has amassed 60 million active users in just six months. Microsoft will also remove the "customer preview" label on the product, and launch a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign.

I know the first thing you're thinking: "Does this mean my Hotmail address will just go away?" No. It just means that when you go to, you will be re-routed to, and when you log in on the Web, you will get the experience. You can keep your email address forever, but you can also use that account to create multiple new email addresses, too, if you so desire.

And let me tell you, you shouldn't wait for Microsoft to switch your old Hotmail service over to I am an unabashed Hotmail hater, but who can forgive the original webmail service for being so far behind the times? Even when Microsoft spent millions on a "new Hotmail" ad campaign a scant two years ago, nobody was fooled: You still had to refresh the thing every time you wanted to know if you had mail.

Enter, which really can give Gmail a run for its money. It's a very smart service with a very streamlined design, tasteful social integration and auto organization features such as inbox "sweep" and scheduled cleanup. Because of this last bit, it's ideal for use either as a main email or as a "spam account," the kind you provide to online retailers and other data collectors.

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