"Hunger Games" Camp Causes Outrage

- (WFLA) A Largo, Florida day school says the theme of its summer camp program has been misconstrued and blown way out of proportion.

The staff at Country Day School has received worldwide attention for choosing a "Hunger Games" theme for its program that ended last week.

"Real-Life Hunger Games Camp Where Children Expect to Fight Each Other to the Death Exists" was the title Vanity Fair used for its website report of it. Other sites like The UK Daily Mail have also written version of what happened.

The initial report from The Tampa Bay Times quoted children saying things like "I will probably kill you first," but staff members say counselors tried to direct children away from violent themes.

"I think the point of the camp was teamwork and learning how to survive with a partner," said 12-year-old Rylee Miller. "The Hunger Games is pretty dark in the books but we're trying to put it in a teamwork-like way."

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1bi573m

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