Immigration Breakthrough

There's been a big breakthrough in the effort to reform our nation's immigration laws, and we could see the results of that this week. 

The "Gang of 8" has been working since right after the November election to come up with a way to keep illegal workers in this country that Democrats and Republicans can both live with.

The Chamber Of Commerce and AFL-CIO have reportedly agreed on details of a guest worker program that would allow up to 200,000 immigrant workers to stay here legally starting in 2015. "In other words not citizens but they will be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel[.] This is a major, major obstacle that's overcome," said Senator Chuck Schumer, (D) New York.

The "Gang of 8" senators who've been working on this for months think Democrats will support it because illegal workers get to stay, and Republican may support it because the deal secures our borders and puts a cap on how many workers get visas. "I hope that we can pull some Republicans our way. I think a number of them are with us already," said Senator Jeff Flake, (R) Arizona.

"We're going to need new workers come into this country in the out years as our population declines. So, stopping that third wave means securing your border and controlling who gets a job in America," said Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina.

However, Florida Republican Marco Rubio - who's in the "Gang of 8" - warns the bill expected before April 8th isn't a done deal and - as he put it - can't be rushed or done in secret. 

In a recent pew poll 71% want to see illegal workers stay, but less than half agree they should be allowed to become citizens. 

President Obama is headed to Mexico next month and says he wants to work on creating more jobs on both sides of the border. 

Tracie Potts, NBC News

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