Lost Ring Turns up in Sewer

(KING) Every piece of jewelry has a story, and jeweler Jay Bowman knows a gem when he sees one.

"It's the emotion," he said from his work bench at Charles Fine Jewelry in Burlington, Washington.

"It means so much to give something."

Bowen recently found his jewelry shop in the middle of a Christmas story he'll be telling for years to come.

"You know, it makes me feel good because it reaffirms what it's all about," he said.

What it was "all about" for Jack Hamming was family, especially around Christmastime.

"I remember the last time he was at our house for Christmas. He got dressed in this funny hat and danced around with the kids and grand kids," said his daughter Vicki Ingolfsland. "He was so happy."

Nearly 20 years ago Hamming wanted something special to remind him of his wife and two daughters.

He had a ring made with their names inscribed, and wore it wherever he went.

"It was really special," said Ingolfsland. "How many people get their names on a ring?!"

One day years ago, however, the ring disappeared.

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