Man Creates Giant Igloo

(WHDH) -- Call it a man cave or call it "club ice;" either way, you can certainly call it big and cold.

"As long as the natural snow keeps coming, we're in business," said Michael Kozlowski, igloo creator.

Worcester's Michael Kozlowski has built a number of igloos each winter only using shovels. 

And this year's, his fourth, is his best yet.

It's has a TV, a couch, and a lamp that doubles as a hand warmer.

"It really brightens up the room, and it's really hot, so if you put your hand right there for a couple seconds, you'll warm right up," said Kozlowski.

The key, he says, is safety in the form of a four by four holding up an umbrella of wood, 12-feet high.

"This way, we ensure no collapses, it's always going to be safe and it's easy to maintain because you never need snow for the top half," said Kozlowski.

Kozlowski started in November, by mixing ice rink snow with manmade snow he makes in his family's backyard. Inside the igloo, you can see layers -- just like an iceberg.

So when winter's bleakness gets you down, Kozlowski says, don't run from it, embrace it.

"People think it's crazy but it's a good workout, you're doing something creative and when you're older it's something you'll remember. Something cool you did while you're young," said Kozlowski said.

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